About Emily Eggleston Toner

My day job is to support urban agriculture in Indianapolis via Purdue Extension – Marion County. My education includes a journalism M.A. from University of Wisconsin – Madison), a geography M.S. from University of Wisconsin – Madison and an agronomy B.S. from Iowa State University. I love to travel, be outdoors, cook, read and make things with yarn, fabric, and paper.

This blog is my space to write about travel, food, soil, the environment, and science.

Email: emilyeggleston@gmail.com

Twitter handle: @EmilyEggleston

Instagram: @EgglestonEmily


2 thoughts on “About Emily Eggleston Toner

  1. Hi Emily! I love hearing about the potential cancer-fighting prospects for Clostridium. It’s about time people start considering the importance of soil microbes. Thank you for sharing such intriguing information. I’m going to tell everyone I know!

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